Hello, Lindsay Young

Most days I blend my breakfast, some sort of frozen berry blend, a banana, a cup of coconut milk, a dash of MCT oil — and if I’m lucky, a handful of kale I rip out of my garden bed in my backyard. It all sounds so earthy and healthy. In reality, it’s a mad-dash to suck nutrients into my body before noon. Still, it’s a habit I’ve implemented that has helped me get through my day less caffeine dependent and hangry. It’s in these little changes, these “baby steps” that nutrition coach and wellness blogger, Lindsay Young says are vital to making an overall lifestyle change. 

Lindsay is the author of the blog, LindsayLivesWell.com She is a mother of three and knows the balance of real life demands tethered to the importance of a healthy diet. She also says it’s not about dragging your family along but guiding them. 

“You can't realistically expect you or your family to overhaul everything in a day, week, or even a month,” she says. “Our habits are ingrained deeply and it takes time to make lasting change. Just make one small change at a time and give yourself lots of grace along the way!”

Lindsay, who studied sports medicine and nutrition, says her health began to transform when she really began to change her diet after all her exercising still wasn’t giving the results she was looking for. 

“I love this quote from Dr. Sara Gottfried, ‘Food is the small hinge that swings the biggest doors when it comes to your health.’” she says. 

Making healthy meals and packing healthy snacks for her kids are essential to maintaining her family’s diet. Lindsay recognizes that this is not easy; she knows they are going to encounter sweets at birthday parties or church gatherings, but she doesn’t stress about it.

 “Rather than micromanage them when we are out and about I try to focus on really healthy food at home and then teach them to notice how their body feels and reacts when they choose to eat other food.”

Lindsay’s blog is full of tips and recipes that help busy women achieve their goals towards a healthier lifestyle. She offers a free weekly planner on her website. You can read more about Lindsay at, www.lindsayliveswell.com