Hello, Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. We all feel and see the anticipation of it, as warm as the cookies in our kitchens and smiles on our kids’ faces, asking, “is it tomorrow?” 

I’ve been preparing Whirlwind for the Holidays starting back in October and wanted to do a photoshoot specifically, “Christmas themed.” So, a couple of weeks ago, I spent the morning at my friend’s Dutch farmhouse here, a little bit east of the Puget Sound. When the clouds clear out there is a beautiful view of Mt. Raniner. It’s almost startling standing in the distance behind a large pasture where her chickens run freely. My friend, Abbe and her son, Mac came out to spend time there and so I could take a few pictures. I’m not quite a photographer — usually spending my time styling, but I’m trying it out.

My friend, Lyla, who is an artist, had decorated her home with the soft trimmings that signal the holidays — a flocked tree in the center of her living room and traditional garland reaching up the stairs.  Luckily, the animals provided all the entertainment needed for an energetic three year old. After large cups of coffee and a few minutes to chat during a battery charge (rookie mistake), we made our way past Lyla’s enormous oak tree dripping from the early morning rain typical for our area and down towards the edge of the farm where her neighbor’s horse was eagerly waiting for a treat. 

It was a lovely morning. I hope you are enjoying this Advent season this year as much as we are!