Hello, Alyssa Quilala


Meet Alyssa and her adorable daughter, Liv! We met her on the beach in San Fransisco where we were greeted with wind and fog. Alyssa is a wife, mother of three to Ella (7), Aria (4), Liv (almost 2) and is a full-time model.

Like so many families, busy schedules are a challenge for Alyssa to keep up with. She knows what it means to juggle responsibility, having three kids and a modeling career. Her husband, Chris is a recording artist and worship pastor who is regularly on tour. If you would like evidence of Alyssa’s full life, you can follow her on Instagram where she chronicles her adventures with her family, sometimes bringing all three girls along for her auditions. 

Alyssa says she maintains balance by striving for organization as much as possible and letting things go that slip through the cracks.  

“If it costs me peace then it's too expensive,” she says.

Whirlwind is a word she says she can definitely relate to. And yet, despite the business of traveling, auditions, and keeping up with her active kids, she is adamant in her belief in stopping, settling down in the middle of all it — in being present, especially for her daughters.

“The quiet times when it's just me and one of my kids, snuggling and chatting quietly… those moments are irreplaceable, even though ten minutes later there will surely be some chaos. I cherish the sweet intimate moments when they come along!” she says.

What she says about her Whirlwind Bag:

“I feel like through the craziness, all I need is one system, and that's my go-to diaper bag. It's really a "family" bag for us! Yes, it's fully functional as a traditional diaper bag, but the size and durability makes it perfect to throw in extra snacks for the big kids, a pair of shoes that one of the girls forgot to put on, a change of clothes when we're going to the pool. The best part is that when my husband is home and I'm the one at work, he can still use this diaper bag because it's not feminine! We love our Whirlwind bag!"

Catch up with Alyssa on Instagram: @alyssaquilala